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Characteristics of Stainless Steel Vertical Chemical Pumps

Stainless steel vertical chemical pump, also known as vertical chemical pump, is mainly used to transport various industrial waste acid, waste alkali, liquid slag and other corrosive liquids, and can also transport water and slurry containing solid particles. The stainless steel vertical chemical pump has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, and can maintain the original physical and chemical properties in corrosive media. Suitable for use in acid and alkali environments. The main materials of chemical pumps made of stainless steel are SUS304 and SUS316. Choosing different materials of chemical pumps in different environments can prolong the service life of chemical pumps.




The vertical centrifugal pump has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, small vibration, small footprint, and convenient installation and maintenance. The performance of the vertical centrifugal pump is stable, and the impeller of the vertical centrifugal pump is carefully designed according to fluid mechanics and hydraulics. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high head, large flow, fast start, stable performance and so on. The vertical pump uses the gravity of the liquid and the pressure of the liquid surface at the bottom of the pump casing to form a vacuum chamber at the connection between the lower part of the pump body and the pump shaft. Move the upper part of the pump body down. The vertical centrifugal pump adopts a unique shaft seal structure, which greatly reduces the noise and vibration generated when the system is running, and ensures the reliability of the system.



Post time: Dec-06-2022